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Concrete Feeder Blocks

The McGrath Quarries Concrete Feeder Block is unique in design. They are free standing concrete blocks, designed to take 3inch timbers. The blocks are placed at regular intervals to suit the length of timbers used. Each block weighs 260kg. A lifting loop is provided with each order of Concrete Feeder Blocks.


Cheaper than other forms of Feeding Troughs

Quick and easy to install

Ease of fitting with lifting point on the top edge

Completely portable and fully removable

Suitable for new or existing cattle sheds

Massive Labour/ Cost saving

Made to suit 3 inch timbers

Easily stored when not in use

Adjustable trough heights

Adjustable trough widths

Easy to remove planks to let cattle out of pens

Able to fill trough with silages using silage feeder

Fill trough once every 24 hours


The McGrath Quarries Concrete Feeder Block is a cheap solution for cattle feeding troughs and is made to the highest quality.


Dimensions are:

690mm (height) x 460mm (width) x 555mm (depth)

Timber slope height 760mm