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Sump Tanks

McGrath Quarries are suppliers of Precast Concrete Sump Tanks.

We supply 2 types of tanks;

  • 340 litres (75 gallons) – Rectangular Sump Tank
  • 3000 litres (660 gallons) – Hexagonal Sump Tank

These Sump Tanks have 4 main uses;

1. They are used to pump the effluent from your Septic Tank to the percolation area. A submersible pump located in the Sump Tank pumps the effluent.

2. For use in basements; the Sump Tank is used to protect the basement against flood water. The Sump Tank is located at the lowest point of the basement. The basement ground floor is sloped to this area, so that when unwanted water enters the basement it gets directed straight to the Sump Tank.

3. Used in an area where unwanted water gathers such as; pedestrian and cyclist areas, gardens & carparks.

4. This tank may also be used as a pumping chamber

How do Sump Tanks Work

Sump Tanks act as part of a ground water collection system. Water is channelled into the Sump Tank through a collection system. Water fills the tank to a certain level, a switching device or float activates the pump which drains the tank. The water from the tank is dispersed over a safe drainage area.

Important Notes

Sump tanks should be placed on an even well compacted surface.

Sump tanks used to drain water from a basement should be located on the side of the basement where drainage is at its best.

A well designed collection system to channel water to the Sump Tank is required to ensure the tank is used to its full potential.