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Flo Screed

What is Flo Screed

Flo Screed is a self-levelling cement based mix, designed to be used in the interior of buildings where a subsequent floor finish is required. The Flo Screed is delivered to site in a readymix truck where it is then transferred to a specialised pump. The screed is then pumped to all areas of the house where it is levelled off to give a high quality smooth finish. A curing agent is then applied to speed up the curing process


Advantages of using Flo Screed

Cost effective

Cheapest means of pouring a finished floor as it is less labour intensive, no need for wheelbarrows or trowels the flo screed is simply pumped around the house.

Time Saver

It is an extremely efficient method of pouring a finished floor up to 1000sq m can be laid by a team in a day, with the least amount of interference to the site.

Ready in 24hrs

The floor is accessible to foot traffic normally within 24 hours.

Ideal for Underfloor Heating

One of Flo Screed’s main advantages is; when it is used in conjunction with underfloor heating. Its high fluidity ensures complete contact with the heat source to ensure heat transfer is maximised.

Smooth finish achieved

Flo screed leaves a smooth flat surface, ideal for tiles, carpet and timber floors.

Reduced Thickness

Flo Screed can be poured at a reduced thickness to that of traditional screeds, it can be layed to a minimum thickness of 30mm or maximum of 100mm.

Water Resistant

Once installed and set the product is unaffected by wetting.



Appearance;                                  Grey

Compressive Strength;                <25N/mm²

Flexural Strength;                          4 – 6N/mm²

Density;                                         2200 – 2300 kg/m

Drying Shrinkage                         <0.60mm/m

Maintenance of Fluidity                >2 hrs

Drying time @20˚C, 60% Hr         up to 2mm per day

Minimum Thickness

Floating over insulation                       60mm

Unbonded over solid base                 60mm

Cover over pipework                           60mm

Maximum thickness                            120mm