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Rainwater Harvesting Tanks

McGrath Quarries supply Rainwater Harvesting Tanks.


The tanks come in 3 different sizes;

  • 2,500 Gallon (11,365 litres)
  • 1,800 (8,183 litres)
  • 1,100 (5,000 litres)



Ideal for Domestic, Commercial and Agricultural use

Tanks can be joined if a larger capacity is required

Can reduce Domestic water consumption by up to 50%

Reduces the level of flood risk

Low Maintenance

Soft rainwater resulting in no Lime Scale

Ideal for use in garden irrigation and also vehicle washing

Delivered to site and installed

Minimal installation costs – as no expensive backfill required.


Water Charges

One of the Rain Water Harvesting tanks main advantages is the savings that will be made on water charges. By utilizing the rainwater that falls on your roof, water paid for through a meter can be reduced by up to 50%.


Planning Regulations

New planning regulations are being considered which take into account areas which are prone to high flooding risks and water shortages. These new planning regulations are considering a provision for rainwater harvesting in these high risk areas. A Rainwater Harvesting Tank can be a solution to be these issues while helping you to be granted full planning permission.


How It Works

The Rainwater Harvesting Tank collects the run-off from the roof area through sealed gutters.

Before entering the tank the flow of water should pass through a series of filters which eliminate large particles such as leaves, twigs and other debris.

The filtered water now flows into the tank through a calmed inlet pipe.

The water is then pumped up via a pressure switch and buffer vessel to a header tank. From here it is distributed to all non-potable applications such as toilets, washing machines and outside taps.

During heavy rainfall the tank is designed to overflow to a storm drain.

If the tank runs dry the system can be designed to switch to the mains water supply.