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Aquamax Wastewater Treatment System

Why you should choose AQUAmax®…

The AQUAmax® system has revolutionised the wastewater treatment industry throughout the world;

  • High efficiency while surpassing highest treatment standards.
  • Full EN12566-3 certification.
  • Low energy cost {The wastewater is treated fully biologically in this tank, in three cycles per day, each cycle lasting eight hours. Although the AQUAmax® Cycle takes a total of 8 hours, the AQUAmax® unit itself is only turned on for a small portion of this. Also, with optimised process times in the summer/winter, energy costs can be reduced further. This is compared to 24 hours of energy consumption per day with rival systems}
  • Smart PLC display and control unit – the system will only consume energy specific to the number people living in the house at any one time, while treating the wastewater to the highest possible standards based on its low energy consumption.
  • Clever sampling bottle system – where anybody can extract a sample at any stage for future monitoring.
  • Future proofed system; with on-going advances in the wastewater technology, every advance in the AQUAmax® can be applied to your system {without having to purchase a new system} – we will simply update new computer software to AQUAmax® PLC.